Title : Cim Finance Brand Repositioning Event

Brand : Cim Finance

Description :

Cim Finance is a non-banking financial institution operating very successfully since over 30 years. Going back to basics, Cim Finance needs to reconnect with its core priorities such as re-focusing more on the customer, highlighting its posi6on as a responsible lender, freshening its image as being more accessible, telling its story, engaging its employees. In other words, putting pause on the daily routine and taking a step back to think about who they are, what they do and how they do it. They have embarked on a brand strategic thinking exercise over the last 6 months whereby a series of workshops has been conducted with the TOP 60 managers of the company in order to extract the DNA of the company, namely their purpose and their guiding principles. Along to the DNA exercise, Capgraph was appointed as agency to develop the new brand repositioning identity, which includes the new Tagline – Cim Finance – La Vie Avance as well as new colours to the logo. We, Magna Carta, were appointed for the event, which comprised of the celebration of the employees through the 30 years of the company and the reveal of the new brand repositioning identity. We decided to have to work in 3 steps Pre launch event with emailers and teasers – using the guiding principles and progressively introducing some touch of new brand repositioning. Event Part 1 30 years – 18 August 2017 history Walkthrough Event Part 2 Cim Finance Party Area under the new colours of the Company. The staff invited to the event did not know about the brand positioning new identity and everything was done to keep it as a surprise. Pre-launch: One month prior to the event, we have proposed emailers as well as a Save the Date using the guiding principles and progressively introducing some touch of new brand repositioning. The Event We chose L’Aventure du Sucre as we needed to have 2 different areas to have the event. Part 1 In the Museum of Sugar Adventure World was the 30 years Cim Finance Walkthrough where the staffs were invited to visit the exhibition about their history. All the pictures were kept in gray scale and sepia to give the feeling of the past images. We have also worked on a video, which narrated Cim Finance history from 1987 to 2017. The atmosphere created there was a very corporate one with the light theme completely blue and amber. They did not expect about the new logo reposition identity as well as the new colours. The unveiling of the brand repositioning identify was done through another video which shows the colour elements put together by children of different age group same as Cim Finance which has evolved and ready to move forward to its bright future. Part 2 The Party Area, which was in the restaurant, was completely branded to the new colours of the company, demonstrating also that from the 30 years history we move forward to the new Cim Finance essence, dynamics, fresh and colourful. Different elements including new visuals of the campaign, coloured decoration and lights played a big role in creating this new atmosphere.