Direct Marketing: Calendars, Invitations, Greeting cards etc.

Title : Diizz holiday card

Brand : Diizz Interactive

Description :

For our Holiday card, we wanted to meet several requirements: 1. Keep the paper card – as it is really nice to still receive something by post. 2. Engage people with the card 3. Link it with Digital 4. Link it with social media After brainstorming, we knew we wanted something that could stay on the receiver’s desk for more than 2 weeks. It had to be a gimmick. It had to be personal. Things were getting clearer. We said what if they could customize that gimmick. Yeah great idea! What would it be? Ok it’s xmas time, it can be a tree. It will a blank xmas tree people could decorate with pen or pencils…nd they could really get creative. So we thought of the concept on 4 seasons as the overall theme. We developed 4 cards and there were x-mas tree cut-outs in them. Half of the requirements. How to link it with digital? So we asked everyone who receive it to take a picture of their decorated tree and post them on facebook with the hashtag Diizz. In parallel we made a short 4-season video that people could watch online – and sent with the ecards.