Publication & Editorial Design

Title : Diverse in spirit

Brand : Sun Resorts

Description :

Sun Resorts Ltd owns and manages a collection of luxury resorts in the Indian Ocean, each one of them having different value propositions. A very B-to-B brand, unknown to the final consumer, there was a task of transforming Sun Resorts into a B-to-C brand and to create a brand architecture which links all the hotels to the mother brand while preserving their own unique personalities. Following the work on the brand architecture, we developed a specific environment for each hotel but with one common element: The circle of the Mother Brand identity. We used this singular element to create various patterns, each one pertaining to each of the specific positioning of the hotels. This was also the case when designing the brochure where the patterns inspired by a mere circle offered numerous possibilities to portray the richness of the brand. Different taglines were also created for each hotel.