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Title : FOOTFIVE - Bagatelle Centre Design


Description :

Brief • Branding of existing lower floor, consisting of a welcoming area and four 5-A side football ground • Conception and development of an E-Sports Lounge on the second floor The context Located at Bagatelle Mall, FootFive has been created to enable players, regardless of their age or skill, to find the most stunning sensations in the practice of 5-A side football with a maximum of pleasure and a minimum of constraints. The first indoor Football Centre in the island offers you to play as much as you like in a fun and friendly environment. Launched in February 2016, the lower floor of Bagatelle Centre had no FootFive branding, except those of sponsors. For the second floor, FootFive had an unoccupied area as players did not go there as previously expected. The project The lower floor project consisted of branding the exterior façade, bar and the main corridors between the pitches. Our input in the project also included the development and production of several elements helping in the day-to-day running of the centre: menus, scoreboard, staff badges, pitch names and cautionary boards. The second floor was a blank canvas, a real challenge to take up! We imagined a space where players could express their passion by playing Esports Games. Our first step was to develop the new lounge’s logo, in the same graphic line as the main FootFive logo. We then conceptualized, designed, choose meticulously and produced each item of the E-Sports Lounge: flooring, playstation modules, sitting arrangements to the painting, electrical part and branding of the floor, among others.