Creation of a new Brand Identity: Consumer

Title : Opening Mauritian doors

Brand : My Moris

Description :

MyMoris, literally meaning My Mauritius, is dedicated to safeguard the culture, history and heritage of Mauritius. It aims at getting tourists to step out of their hotel rooms and discover the authentic Mauritius. MyMoris is an invitation to adventure into the melting pot of cultures, generosity and unusual experiences with Mauritians around the island. With authenticity at the root of its experience, its logo was designed in exactly the same way. Using an amalgamation of authentic Mauritian icons like slippers, old bikes, frangipane flowers, thus portraying a unique set of experiences. MyMoris values the patrimony of Mauritius and thus did its printing through the last letterpress printing house on the island and manual serigraphy to design its handcrafted bags.