Motion Design

Title : Pran Kont Nu La Plaz (Stop littering our beaches)

Brand : Mission Verte

Description :

A self-financed & low-budget 3D / 2D cartoon animated video to sensitise the local population about the consequences of beach littering and pollution. Despite the laws in Mauritius, littering is unfortunately a common sight in public places such as beaches, road side, natural environments, river banks and urban areas. The primary aim of this educational video was to show the environmental impact, threat to human health and economical consequences of selfish people. We believe that a change of mindset and habits of people will make our planet a better place to live. This video was displayed on Facebook on the 6th of April 2017 and was viewed over 100 000 times in just one week. At this date, the video has been viewed over 140 000 times and shared over 2 500 times. That video was also used for sensitising professionals in Mauritius and was even displayed through the social media channels in Reunion Island, Madagascar and South Africa. Video information: Duration: 1 minute 47 seconds Language: Creole / French captions Format: Full HD 1080 Broadcast channels: Facebook & WhatsApp