Label Design

Title : For those who know

Brand : Gister

Description :

For GISTER PREMIUM BEER, the agency accompanied the client for the name generation, identity and collaterals development. Gister takes its roots into the history of beer making. THE SYMBOL: THE JAR OF KNOWLEDGE Drinking beer dates back to early civilisations. Besides being a merrymaking activity, knowing about beer meant that one was sophisticated, and it was used as a measure of how knowledgeable one was about everything else. The jar, in which the beer was served, was a symbol of near-perfection and was required by the elite members of society. Our logo is the representation of one such jar. Today, it embodies the quality of our beer. The Gister symbol also speaks about discernment: for the insightful people who will recognise the intrinsic value in our beer, its fine ingredients, and its moments of indulgence. Our name, a gister, is someone who gets the gist of a subject matter, who can participate in conversations with subject experts without getting lost along the way. He is also someone looking for self-indulgence. Gister. For those who know.